• £1.98 a metre (excl. VAT)
  • Buy 3 metres for £1.65 each save 17%
  • Buy 10 metres for £1.27 each save 36%
  • Optional Rolling Fee: £0.15 per metre

Calico Lightweight A2085 is a fabric with a plain weave that is made entirely of natural cotton. It is a popular dressmaking fabric and other clothing designs since it is 60% lighter than the heavyweight calico fabric. The first wash will cause the fabric to shrink by up to 10% to 15%. We advise a wash temperature of between 30 and 40 degrees, as long as the first wash temperature is not exceeded, further shrinking should be at a minimum.

Fabric is untreated ie. natural cream colour and requires washing before further processing.

Approx 85gsm.


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